Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy New (Vegetable & Fruit) Year!

Early spring is just the beginning…

Our CSA farm is taking a break this month and we’ve almost eaten up all the onions from our winter share. I’m getting down to the end of the garlic braid from last summer, and I’d better find a lemon recipe fast. We have just the tiniest bit of chopped cabbage left to enhance our salads, and the carrots are all gone. I even used the last two jars of crushed tomatoes yesterday. My mental fields lie fallow as I relax briefly without the onslaught of unknown veggies. It’s time to contemplate preparing foods outside of my old favorites and my usual sources. I will warn you that my contemplation may lead me afield from vegetables.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calling all Locavores!

(that's folks who eat local foods, ya-all)

Hello and welcome to SeasonalEating.net, my blog about creative preparation and enjoyment of local foods in season. I’ll be exploring ideas for making foods that are both healthy and delicious, recreating old family recipes, and working with the challenge of sticking to a weekly meal plan while allowing enough flexibility to enjoy spontaneous unplanned meals. This blog is for everyone who wants to eat local foods and/or get more organized and creative in the kitchen. It’s for people who want to explore a variety of recipes and have fun making them. It will also deal with the specific challenges that CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) members and gardeners like myself face.