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Oranges, strawberries, chard, English peas, cauliflower, pea greens, yellow beets with greens
Early Spring Fruits and Veggies
Eating with the seasons is both rewarding and challenging. Seasonal Eating is about
learning to use more local foods in season, reducing our impact on the planet, and having some fun in the kitchen and garden. It’s about dealing creatively with vegetables and fruits that we find at the farmers market, in our CSA shares, and in our gardens. It’s about how to enjoy too much of a good thing, and how to preserve it for later. It’s about getting creative and experimental in our approach to cooking, even though not every inspired idea becomes an instant success.

I started Seasonal Eating to help myself and others take better advantage of seasonal produce. My perspective is that of a small-scale gardener and CSA member who receives a weekly box of local produce chosen by someone else. I also have a degree in ecology and sometimes share ideas for conserving natural resources by making earth-friendly choices in the kitchen and garden. Occasionally I’ll get a bit political, on topics such as GMOs (genetically engineered foods) and environmentally destructive fish farming.

Barrel of English Peas
Spring Offerings from Serendipity Farms
I'm also a crazy-collector of old cookbooks and family recipes and am forever recreating old recipes with new twists. You'll see a lot of these on Seasonal Eating. I hope that you'll make similar tweaks and improvisations in my recipes to accommodate ingredients that you have on hand. 

All Seasonal Eating content and images are copyrighted, and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission. Noncommercial reuse of images is fine, as long as you credit Seasonal Eating and add a link back to this website.

Here’s what Seasonal Eating aspires to help readers do:

  • Appreciate every month of the year (it’s okay to have favorites!)
  • Eat local in-season foods
  • Create and share recipes
  • Improvise and cook creatively
  • Conserve personal and planetary resources
  • Prepare healthful and delicious whole foods
  • Identify and utilize sustainable food sources
  • Grow food at home

I’m not a purist, nor do I advocate that we become 100% politically, socially, and environmentally-correct sustainable-source seasonal locavores. Whew! Let’s have some fun with this!

Robin Horn
Santa Cruz County, CA 
seasonaleating [at] gmail.com

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Early Herbs. Mint is another.