About Me

Picture of Robin with Autumn Leaves
Visiting Boise in Autumn
When I was 13, I was in the kitchen making my first streusel-filled coffee cake, singing a song to myself. "I've never seen anyone happier while making food or eating it," remarked my mother. No doubt, I was a true foodie even back then. And Mom’s home-cooked meals, every single night of the week despite working full time, tended to nurture that inclination. I also loved being in nature and experiencing the different New England seasons. My parents and grandmother kept gardens, and over the years I’ve become quite adept at container gardening.

Santa Cruz county in California, where I’ve lived for over 30 years, is radically different from the New England suburbs that I left behind. Santa Cruz is about 75 miles south of San Francisco, on the coast.  I live in a small mountain town just a few miles inland, where I can walk to just about everything, not unlike the little town I grew up in. Temperate climate, plenty of sun and outdoor activities, liberal politics, college town culture, thriving music and art scene, organic farms galore; these assets suit me. I frequently hear that Santa Cruz has no seasons. This isn’t really true. One just needs to be tuned in to finer details here than at snowy altitudes.

Robin taking photo through redwood tree
Camping in Big Basin Redwoods
If you’d like to read more of my writing, check out my 170+ book reviews on Goodreads.com, where I'm also a librarian. If you’re traveling on the west or east US coasts, or in Hawaii, you might want to read my reviews on Tripadvisor, where I’m a Top Contributor. My travel reviews might just reflect that I’m a bargain hunter and history buff who likes to mix with locals and experience their culture—and their farmers’ markets. Luxury is wonderful (if it’s affordable), but a view of nature is better.

Please contact me if you're interested in reprinting or syndication of Seasonal Eating. I'm also available for freelance or on-staff writing: guest blogging, fillers, newspaper columns, etc. Potential topics include Santa Cruz locavore resources and venues, gardening, cooking, photography, and/or book reviews.  

 In addition to writing, cooking, and gardening, I enjoy nature, art, travel, and community--both local and online. I’ve been a photographer since pre-digital days, starting with the classic Minolta SRT-201. In 1993 I founded a Zimbabwean-style marimba band in which I still play. I love to sing and seek more opportunities to do so. Formerly employed for 10 years in Cabrillo College’s art department, I can often be spotted at local art events. I’m married to a classic “nice guy” who shares my love of cooking, eating, photography, art, and travel. I deeply appreciate my many supportive friends, and I love spending time with them.

I’m a supporting member of the following organizations:

Live Earth Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): delivers a box of fresh organic veggies and fruits to subscribers every week. LEF strawberries are the best!

UCSC Farm and Garden (CASFS): educates aspiring organic farmers with internship program on working organic farm; sponsors community events and sells produce and organic plants to public.

Long Marine Lab: provides ocean education to children and general public, promotes sustainable fisheries practices, supports ocean research programs and student research awards.

Botanical Garden at UC Berkeley: supports one of most diverse plant collections in US, organized into outdoor habitat groups and indoor greenhouses, gives lectures and demonstrations, provides open space to the public for personal enjoyment.

The Nature Conservancy: uses donations to buy land and preserve it in 30 countries, with very low administrative costs. Public is invited to visit most of these land areas.

Sierra Club: lobbies for legislation to preserve wilderness and ban toxic chemical use outdoors, sponsors hikes and outdoor activities.

I created Seasonal Eating as a forum for sharing ideas about eating sustainably-produced local foods in season with creativity and enthusiasm. Welcome to our online community!

~Robin Horn