Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 5, Veggie List & Ideas

Twin Golden Carrot
Week 5 of our CSA farm share already! First of the fava beans! I have a delicious recipe for them featuring Meyer lemons, which we’re also receiving. Never mind that I just bought 6 lemons last night because I thought it was the end of the season last week. Perhaps a lemon cake or bread is in order.

After our huge onion fest last night, I am rather relieved to see that the only onions on tap for this week are bunching onions. We still have some of the dry yellow ones. We do need to start using some carrots leftover from the past couple of weeks.

This week’s veggies:

Green cabbage
Napa cabbage
Carrots (new planting! bunched, with green tops)
Fava beans
Green garlic
Meyer lemons
Lettuce (romaine or butter)
Bunching onions (scallions)
Sugar snap peas

Leftovers: mushrooms, carrots, yellow (dry) onions, turnip


Sugar snap peas with mint—and maybe some boiled bunching onions

Lemon braised fava beans

Honeyed carrots


Rolled sole with mushroom stuffing

Chinese chicken salad (Napa cabbage)

Watercress to garnish leftover Chicken with Black Beans.

Lemon cake, bread, or pie

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