Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 28 Veggie List & Menu

Basket of Pears and Apples
Fall Fruits: Warren Pears & Gala Apples
I've been away from the West Coast, in Cape Cod, MA, scattering my deceased father's ashes and visiting places that he loved, and that I love. Amidst family musings, and with limited kitchen resources, I temporarily abandoned my usual weekly menu format, while donating our weekly farm share to Loaves and Fishes, a local food bank. It's been liberating to only post recipes and whatever commentary comes to mind. But now I'm ready continue with my original format, with my goal of creating a whole year of seasonal menus.

It's fall, suddenly and dramatically. When we got to Cape Cod on Sept. 25 it was muggy, foggy, and warm. Summertime was hanging on and I wondered why I'd brought my heavy jeans and sweatshirt. The heat and humidity continued after the fog cleared, and I swam in the Bay to refresh myself. A couple days later, winds shifted, rain and wind came, and the air turned cool and dry. Winds continued. Everyone said, "Fall is here."

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, fall has arrived in the form of cold and rain, alternating with warm, dry, and sunny days. Indeed, it appears that the weather doesn’t know what to do next. Fall is often the most beautiful time of year: fogless, bright, and fresh. As my friend Rox says, the redwood forest smells different now.

Our fall veggies are also a mix: strawberries from midsummer; squash, peppers, and tomatoes from late summer; and apples, pears, and hefty collards from fall.  Mustard greens are an unusual treat. Our own apple tree is producing fruit like crazy, and I just made 5 dozen apples into applesauce. I hope to have another try at recreating my grandmother’s apple cake this week.

This week’s veggies:

Collard greens
Mexican corn
Green beans
Mustard greens
Hot peppers (padrones & Hungarian wax)
Yellow Finn potatoes
Summer squash
Dry-farmed tomatoes (lots)
Gala apples
Warren pears

Leftovers: beets, carrots, applesauce, green beans, romaine, grape tomatoes

Turkey burgers
Steamed green beans
Strawberries for dessert

Turkey burgers
Leftover green beans
Corn on the cob

Sliced tomatoes and lettuce and carrots
Make apple cake

At birthday party
Leftover pork chops
Summer squash in fresh tomato sauce

Veggie burgers
Fish with Greek tomato sauce

Roasted beet salad
Steamed beet greens


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