Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Week 3 Veggie List & Menu

Bowl of Red and Green Apples
Christmas Pippins from Dan's tree
I won a raffle prize yesterday at the staff meeting at my day job: ½ dozen eggs fresh from the office manager’s chickens! I could use them for seasonal baking, but decided to feature the delicious fresh taste in some variation of frittata instead. It’s been many years since I’ve had eggs this fresh. It was enlightening to learn that our manager cleans up after the chickens every morning, taking care of ”the sh*ttiest job I’ll have to do all day” before she even gets to work…now how many of us can say that? Thank you, Maureen!

Our CSA is on a winter holiday for three weeks, so we’ll be choosing our own veggies the next couple of weeks. In addition to our CSA’s Gala apples, we have Christmas pippins from Bruce’s coworker’s tree, which will be great for baking. And our realtor just dropped off a whole lot of Hachiya persimmons, which I’ll be using for baking and maybe some sweet-sour lentils, once they’re softer.

Despite the darkness of the days, our friends, neighbors, and colleagues are generous in supplying us with food. May we all be so generous with our resources in this season of giving, while also taking care of our own needs for rest and rejuvenation during this time of darkness.

This week’s veggies:
Romanesco Cauliflower
Red Russian kale
Napa cabbage
Daikon radishes

Leftovers: apples, butternut squash, red onions, ¼ green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, fennel, steamed arugula, leeks. frozen cranberries

steamed tatsoi

dinner out

frittata with leeks, carrots, mushrooms, greens, and cheese
microwave-steamed butternut squash
Dinner: Potluck, bring Flourless Dark Night Cake & Berries in Light Honey Sauce

leftover frittata and butternut squash
Roasted turkey thighs
carrot-raisin peanut salad
baked apples

leftover turkey
leftover veggies

turkey burgers or veggie burgers
roasted or steamed cauliflower


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