Friday, March 16, 2012

Between CSA Seasons, Week 2 Menu

Seasonal, Economical Chard
The last week of winter and the beginning of spring! Since abundance of local veggie variety is still a couple of months away, I decided to thaw some apricots that I froze last year. I anticipate a lot of apricots this summer because the weather was fair when the trees bloomed recently, making for easy pollination. The past two years we’ve had winter storms during what would have been prime time for making fruit. Apricot chicken and easy apricot jam are on the menu.

This week's full of celebrations: St. Patrick’s day, the first day of spring, and Seasonal Eating’s one-year anniversary. As winter moves into spring, new growth and new life start stirring in the natural world. Let’s think of all of the things we’d like to plant this season, both literally and figuratively, to harvest later in the year.

This week’s veggies:

To buy: asparagus, more carrots, chard, potatoes, blanched almonds, pecans
For spinach salad: frozen artichoke hearts, spinach, multicolor bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, green beans

Leftovers: red onions, 1 leek, red cabbage, yellow and orange carrots, baked butternut squash, thyme, apples, lemons, baked chicken, baked yams, ginger spiced cranberry sauce

Leftover baked chicken

Leftover baked chicken
Leftover yams

Saturday: St. Paddy’s Day!
Potluck: Vegetarian “Green” Spinach Salad
Butternut squash blondies

Baked turkey or chicken, leftovers for weekly lunches
Honeyed carrots
Braised chard with leeks

Monday: Seasonal Eating is one year old!
Pot Roast with carrots, celery, potato, red cabbage

Tuesday: First Day of Spring!
Asparagus almondine

Veggie burgers
Leftover veggies

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