Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seasonal Greetings from the UK

newgate market sign
Newgate Market on Wednesday
I've been visiting England and Wales this month; hence the scarcity of recent posts. While in York the other day, my husband and I enjoyed perusing Newgate Market. All sorts of handcrafted goodies are available at the Market along with fresh veggies, eggs, fish, flowers, and baked goods. Readers might like to join us on a visual journey by viewing a few market highlights. I've been gathering cuisine and recipe ideas in England as well, to be subjects for future posts. Summer has turned to fall, and signs of autumn are everywhere, including the market. Enjoy the change and the newly ripe fall produce.

veggie vendor
Native Veg Vendors are Friendly

Vendor of Medieval cakes
Medieval Curl Cakes: Almond-coated Treat

fish vendor holding crab
Friendly Fish Vendor Suggests a Visit to Whitby

brassica look like flowers in display
In England They're Called Brassica

Assorted Gourds in Tray
It's Gourd Season Again!

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