Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Veggies and Recipes

Honeybee on Mint Flowers
Welcome Visitor on Naturalized Mint

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

August is a time of plentiful harvests. Time spent watering, fertilizing, and weeding in the garden is paying off bigtime. Just keeping up with the harvest, especially if you’re growing zucchini, can be challenging. Here in the Santa Cruz mountains, the garden wants even more water, nourishment, and attention to continue producing during hot, dry days. And yet, August’s hot weather beckons us to relaxation, vacation, and breaks from our usual work routines. Some of us think of when we were youngsters, spending blissful unstructured summer days swimming, biking, and playing with friends, or reading a book under a tree.

Two Sunny Yellow Coreopsis Blossoms
Coreopsis: Whimsical & Drought Resistant
It’s good to take time out this month to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. If we can’t go away on vacation—or find a garden-sitter—we can take an afternoon or even a half hour to appreciate our surroundings and engage in pleasurable activities. These activities might be summer sports, hanging out with friends, or simply sitting in the garden and acknowledging all that we’ve created. Take some time to make this happy, relaxed space for yourself frequently this month. Making hay while the sun shines is useful, but fully experiencing and appreciating the beauty of summer is rejuvenating and gives us memories that we’ll cherish as days grow shorter.

August Veggies and Fruits: For Recipes, click links

Two California Poppies in Poor Rocky Soil
CA Poppy Blooms without Rain or Water

Three Green Peppers on Plant
In the Garden: Potted Peppers
Favorite and New August Recipes

Parmesan Encrusted Broiled Sole
Cuban Style Fish or Chicken (with Lime & Cilantro)
Turkey Stuffed Peppers
Artful Sandwiches
Delicata Squash on Vine
First Delicata I've Ever Grown
Marinated Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Simply Braised Greens
Shredded Beet Salad with Orange Dressing
Basque Tossed Salad
Greek Salad
Baked tomato sauce with pasta

Scarlet Runner Beans and Dill Flowers
In the Garden: Beans and Dill
Poppyseed Bread with Yellow Plum Glaze
Plum Crisp or Cobbler
Raspberry Jam (low sugar)
Strawberry Jam (low sugar)
Plum Jam or Jelly
Apricot Jam

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