Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Week 4 Veggie List & Menu

Large Pumpkin on Kitchen Counter
Pumpkin Ripe for Cooking
It’s raining. That’s big news in Santa Cruz, where it’s been drought-dry this winter. Since it only rains in winter here in central California, we’re happy to see our water table replenished. Local farmers are happy too. At Live Earth Farm, our CSA, Farmer Tom has been irrigating not only vegetable plots, but cover crops, which is unprecedented in the farm’s life.

After the farm’s holiday break, well into winter,  carrots, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower crops reflect the season. The first of the lovely Meyer lemons have arrived, along with baby Brussels sprouts. We’re supplementing with a large Live Earth Farm pumpkin from the harvest festival several months ago, plus some local spinach, which is also in season.

Friend and fellow musician Joe will be our guest chef this Saturday. He’ll be helping me wrestle the large pumpkin and making his African inspired dish with spinach, peanuts and fresh turmeric root. We’re having two more friends join us (Hi Kelly!)  I’ll make stewed chicken and some sort of grain, both familiar foods in Africa. For dessert, I’m making an Accra banana cake from the U. of Penn.’s African Studies Center recipe collection, but substituting chocolate bits for the peanuts, since peanuts are featured in the pumpkin dish. Culturally this is a semi-legitimate substitution. Ghana, the source of this recipe, is the second largest producer of cocoa beans in the world, though virtually all of this is for export.

I still have persimmons, so I’ll be doing something else with those. And note the spicy tomato juice is perfect for a replay of a recent post, Spicy Tomato Poached Fish with Veggies, one of my fave winter warm-up meals. Stay warm, ya-all!

This week’s veggies:

Apples  (Fujis and Pippins)
Brussels sprouts
Green cabbage
 (2 heads)


Romanesco cauliflower

Red Russian kale

Meyer lemons
Lettuce (Bibb and baby romaine)

Spicy dry-farmed tomato juice

Leftovers: carrots, butternut squash, red onions, cranberries, daikon

leftover turkey drums
Romanesco cauliflower with tomato and mustard seed

steamed Brussels sprouts
leftover turkey drums
bake mini persimmon raisin breads for dinner party favors

salad with LEF lettuce, carrots
leftover cauliflower
leftover turkey drums
Dinner: Party for 5
Roasted chickpeas and drinks
African style stewed chicken
African style pumpkin with spinach & peanuts
Foufou (cooked millet) or other grain
Accra banana peanut cake with chocolate substituted for peanuts

leftovers from dinner party
bake more chicken or turkey for lunches
leftovers from party
braised parsnips
baked apples

leftover veggies

turkey burgers or veggie burgers
leftover coleslaw

veggie or turkey burgers
leftover veggies

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