Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Week 5 Veggie List & Menu

Orange Persimmons Being Stirred into Yellow Batter
Stirring Persimmons into Batter
I’m a couple days late posting my weekly menu, as we spent some time in San Francisco this weekend. Our walk through Golden Gate Park this afternoon was decidedly un-winterlike, even for San Fran. Magnolias and early rhododendrons are blooming, and even I was too warm in a jacket. Sweet as this weather is, central coasters are longing for the windy wet stuff, nostalgic for stormy 2011. The water table and our local crops need it.

Our veggies, unlike our weather, are wintery. The cruciferous veggies, potatoes, onions, hardy greens, and lemons tell us clearly where the sun is in our annual cycle.

The last 26 Hachiya persimmons from December’s harvest are at last ripe to perfection, so I’ll make my final round of persimmon recipes for the year soon. I’m trying to recall a recipe I made with the first persimmons I ever saw: lentils with sweet and sour sauce. Since this was over 30 years ago now, there are some gaps in this memory.  I’m also going to make some muffins for our realtor, who gave us the huge box of persimmons from his tree last month—thanks, Bill! Bill’s daughter recently blogged her great grandma’s recipe for persimmon chocolate chip cookies (substituting the chips for raisins). They look good!

This week’s veggies:

Romanesco cauliflower
Meyer Lemons
Onions, yellow
Strawberry Lemon Mix Master

Leftovers: lettuce, red onions, cranberries, daikon, cabbage, persimmons, African pumpkin mash, cooked millet, Accra banana cake, spinach, pumpkin pulp

leftover turkey
leftover African pumpkin mash
leftover millet
steamed broccolini

baked chicken
steamed chard

meals out in San Francisco

in San Francisco
leftover baked chicken
leftover pumpkin mash (the last of it??)
steamed spinach
small lettuce & preserved tomato salad

pumpkin soup
leftover veggies
Romanesco cauliflower with tomato and mustard seed
baked chicken with butternut squash (leftovers for lunches)

baked turkey-stuffed cabbage (Weight Watchers)

veggie burgers
leftover veggies


  1. Persimmons are long gone here, I just don't have enough room in the freezer to keep all I'd like. I'm almost tempted to plant a persimmon tree.

    Here's my recipe for persimmon muffins if you need one.

    They come out tasting fabulous. I love the richness of flavor that the sucant gives this recipe.

  2. Thanks, Mira. Your recipe sounds great!