Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Week 8 Veggie List & Menu

Basket of Orange, Purple, and Yellow Carrots
A Rainbow of Carrots this Week
Our weekly winter menu is beginning to seem like “more of same,” as we’re getting similar veggies every week from our CSA. Seasonal eating in winter is no piece of cake. The number of onions we’ve accumulated over the past few weeks is rather frightening. Anyone have some great onion recipes? I’m thinking of trying French Onion Soup again, a dish I used to whip up when I was a hungry college student many moons ago. Hopefully memory will serve. Anyone have ideas for small red onions? Lots of them?

The (not) stuffed cabbage casserole from last week didn’t turn out as envisioned, but I haven’t given up. Unfortunately, there are several lunches and dinners of the “unimproved” version to eat before resuming my experiments. Maybe a half-recipe next time? At least we’ll be eating two healthful heads of cabbage by the end of this week.

I’ve felt cold at night lately, so in addition to the soup, I’ll make Spicy Poached Fish with Veggies, a favorite warming winter dish. I will probably throw in some extra tomato juice, to make it more soupy...we have several jars of tomato juice from our CSA and received another this week. I’ll also add the two bunches of arugula we received.

What can one do with broccoli that’s fairly simple and low fat, besides just steaming? We have two hefty heads, not at all delicate. Let me know if you have some suggestions, all broccoli ideas will be entertained!

Enjoy your Presidents Day weekend. I might get crazy and harvest some violets from our front yard on the holiday.

This week’s veggies:

Savoy cabbage
Romanesco cauliflower
Red onions 
Tomato juice
Jarred crushed tomatoes 

Leftovers: ground turkey, lettuce, yellow onions, red onions, carrots, cranberries, daikon, stuffed cabbage casserole, steamed Romanesco cauliflower, microwaved butternut squash, Meyer lemons, parsnips, arugula

turkey burgers
leftover steamed Romanesco cauliflower

stuffed cabbage casserole
salad of lettuce, purple and white carrots, jarred tomatoes
steamed Romanesco cauliflower

tacos or leftover cabbage casserole
Robin: at Africa Matters fundraiser gig
Bruce: stuffed cabbage casserole or tacos &

lunch: French onion soup
stuffed cabbage casserole
some exciting new broccoli creation

brunch: cranberry scones?
make some candied violets and lemon peel or?
lunch: out? or leftover Spicy Poached Fish with Veggies
baked turkey or chicken

leftover turkey or stuffed cabbage casserole
leftover veggies
steamed chard

veggie burgers
leftover veggies


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