Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Week 7 Veggie List & Menu

Basket of Red Russian and Lacinato Kales
Tale of Two Kales
My apologies for the late posting of our weekly menu. I’ve been rather under the weather, and we’ve been faking it rather than planning it. Bruce has been an enormous help with the cooking. Though it’s a great help to have a meal plan, it’s even better to give it some room for flexibility, since “life happens.” For example, if I’m not up to making the kale dish plus the carrots and parsnips tonight, we’ll save the root veggies for next week and cook up the more perishable kale. Lots of steamed veggies during trying times simplifies food preparation too.

We have two menu “superstars” this week, and everything else is super-simple. First, Audie’s Great Grandma’s Persimmon Cookies made a much-heralded appearance at two potlucks on Saturday. Audie’s dad Bill is our realtor who provided us with a huge amount of persimmons from his yard not too long ago. Check him out if you’re looking for savvy realtor with many years of experience.

Second menu superstar is (not) stuffed cabbage casserole, adapted from a Weight Watcher’s recipe. Both Bruce and I are Polish (though he is only 50%), and I would love to make cabbage leaves like my grandma did, but don’t have time to experiment right now. The original WW casserole uses whole cabbage leaves, wrapped around the filling in one big chunk. This was a bit difficult to cut up into servings, so we’re going to chop the parboiled cabbage and layer it with the filling. We’re making some other changes to reduce fat and flavor it up, which I’ll note when I post our revised recipe.

Be well, everyone!

This week’s veggies:

De Ciccio Broccoli
Romanesco cauliflower
Savoy Cabbage
Lacinato Kale
Red Russian Kale
Red Onions
Raspberry Strawberry Jam

Leftovers: lettuce, yellow onions, cranberries, daikon, cabbage, persimmons, turkey legs, ground turkey, stuffed cabbage casserole, butternut squash, Meyer lemons, pickled tomatoes

steamed broccoli
lettuce and preserved tomatoes
leftover turkey legs

leftover stuffed cabbage casserole

memorial (lunch) potluck: persimmon chocolate chip cookies
mah jong (dinner) potluck: persimmon chocolate chip cookies

turkey burgers
steamed chard
steamed cauliflower

mixed kale & arugula  Asian style (with garlic & ginger)
turkey burgers

stuffed cabbage casserole
leftover squash
muffins with raspberry-strawberry jam (for Valentine’s Day!)

veggie burgers
leftover veggies

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