Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Week 9 Veggie List & Menu

Basket of Red and Yellow Onions
Onions We Had Before Receiving More This Week
It’s an unseasonably balmy day in the neighborhood, but that’s not unusual in many places in the US in February. Warm days and cold nights are causing the sap to rise in New England maples, ripe for harvest and maple syrup making. I’m thinking about my garden, wondering whether it’s too early to plant tomato seeds and how cold the rest of winter will be. The uncertain and curiously springlike daytime hours inspire me to shake up my menus-of-sameness.

Receiving a jar of spicy salsa in our CSA share this week reminded me of the Slow Cooked Turkey Chili recipe. I love this easy recipe from friend and coach Jenn, but had forgotten about it. It’s especially good because Bruce has been wanting to make chicken like they do in the taquerias so we’ll  be able to make tacos as tasty as our local Mexican restaurants make. I have some fresh pinto beans, frozen from last fall that will be an excellent companion to the chili.

We’ll be receiving even more red onions this week, so it looks like time for spaghetti or other pasta with red sauce. I just ordered some more Miracle Noodles. This pasta is made from shiritaki mushrooms and is extremely low in calories and carbs, and gluten-free. They taste a bit similar to rice noodles and nothing like mushrooms.

This week I’ll also remake the un-stuffed cabbage casserole from a past week and post the recipe. Because I have only small green cabbage, I will cut the original recipe in half.  The Broccoli Oshitashi from last week was a hit (though I overcooked it a bit), so that might make a reappearance on the menu as well.

Enjoy your week!

This week’s veggies:
Red cabbage
Red Russian Kale
Red onions 
Spicy Tomato Salsa

Leftovers: red onions, yellow onions, carrots, cranberries, butternut squash, chard, Braised Parsnips & Carrots, cabbage casserole

steamed chard
leftover cabbage casserole

tacos or whole wheat bread
chopped lettuce, carrots, radishes, purple cabbage and preserved tomatoes

French onion soup
leftover chili and beans and salad

brunch: cranberry scones?
stuffed cabbage casserole

make some candied violets and lemon peel or?
Winter Pasta with Homemade Turkey Sausage or Veggie Crumbles

leftover pasta and veggies

veggie burgers
leftover veggies

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