Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Wishes

Fragrant lilacs grace our yard

Happy Easter, Everyone! I sincerely hope that you’re enjoying your day.

Although my Easter was not at all traditional, and I didn’t make any Easter foods this year, Easter is still my favorite holiday of all. Do you have favorite Easter traditions? I would love it if you’d post a comment about your Easter including any food you prepared or ate. I have many Easter memories from Easter egg hunts to singing in church to colorful indoor-outdoor potlucks. Let’s share our joy about Easter and spring, and inspire each other with ideas for next year!

My nontraditional Easter started rather traditionally with an egg-based a local restaurant. Brunch was followed by a photo session in which my husband and I photographed the many flowers in our yard. Then we took a long walk in the woods, largely to counteract the generous Hollandaise sauce helping at brunch. Following that, I uploaded Seasonal Eating’s new springtime header/banner at the top of the page. Now Bruce has gone to the store in search of Easter chocolate and other essentials. Tonight I will prepare a springtime dish of chilled artichokes with lemon sauce. Recipe to follow!

Dogwood: the loveliest of trees
Next year I plan to make some whimsical Peepshi (sushi-style rolls made from Peeps) during the days before Easter. Anyone want to join me?


  1. Judy Dykstra-BrownApril 25, 2011 at 3:32 AM

    Yes, I want to join you from afar. Explain the ground-rules and I'll photograph the results. How about being able to use Peeps in any way in a recipe...not just sushi? Bob was addicted to Peeps. He would swoop in on the after-Easter sales, buy them by the dozens and freeze them. He could mash a whole row of peeps into his mouth at once. I never saw their appeal taste-wise, but I loved how they looked. The yellow ones had it head and tails above those upstarts, the blue and acid-pink ones.

  2. I agree, Judy, it's best to open up the Peeps artform to any recipe! An online event as well as local party sounds perfect. That's so funny about Bob and the Peeps, can just picture him eating a whole row of them...and what an ingenious idea to freeze them. For the record, I don't see the taste appeal either but they are certainly fine eye-candy.

  3. Peeps weren't part of my Easter tradition, but my mom and I had a tradition of hiding, rehiding, and re-rehiding the easter eggs in our house in Michigan when I was a girl. Favorite hiding spot (albeit a bit dangerous): Unscrew the lightbulb in a table lamp and put an egg in its place.

    These days, I still color eggs and assemble baskets for my mom and my husband, but I don't hide them anymore. Our Easter has evolved to include breakfast out followed by a hike. This year's hike was to Toro County Park between Monterey and Salinas. The park was PACKED with picnickers--huge families with BBQs and kids and grandparents and dogs and much merriment. The trails were practically empty, though, and with the rolling hills, wildflowers, oak trees, and green grasses, we had a gorgeous hike.

  4. Kelly, I adopted your tradition this year too with breakfast out and hike. I thought it was my own idea, but when I read your FB post I remembered that I'd been admiring it for at least a couple of Easters. I must have made a subconscious mental note. ;-)