Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meyer Lemon Tea for Two

Recipe by Robin

Something about honey compliments lemon beautifully. This tea is great for singers, and for those who suspect they might be getting sick. It soothes sore throats and is rich in vitamin C. I prefer to use Meyers lemons, which are a sweet hybrid thought to be part mandarin and part lemon. 

If you can't find Meyer lemons, you can substitute a sweet orange or tangerine/s for one of the lemons.

Depending on how strong or sweet you like it, you can increase the amount of lemon juice, honey, or water. I would not personally recommend increasing the mint, but each to his/her own!

Meyer Lemon Tea for Two
(serves 2)

¼ c Meyer’s lemon juice (about 2-3 lemons)
2 c boiling water
1 – 2 Tbsp honey
Mint sprigs (optional): Persian mint, spearmint, orange mint, or?

Juice the lemons and strain out the seeds. Dissolve honey in boiling water. Add lemon juice and stir. Pour into small teapot. Add 1 – 2 mint sprigs if desired. Heat teapot in microwave 1 minute. Pour tea at the table. Garnish with mint leaves if desired.

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