Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 3 Menu Plan

Japanese turnips from Live Earth Farm

Featuring artichokes, green garlic, and more leeks & radicchio

This week I’m having a challenging time figuring out how and when to cook veggies. We will be out all day Saturday celebrating my husband’s birthday. We will have time to cook on Sunday, but I don’t want to burn out by making too many things then, especially since that’s my prime blogging day. ;-)

I’m hoping that we can get it together to cook chicken with green garlic and canned tomatoes tomorrow (Friday) night, but will have to make up a recipe and buy the canned tomatoes—and chicken—beforehand. Good thing that necessity is the mother of invention. We seriously need to use up the leeks and radicchio before we get more, as well as the potatoes from last week.

I still have visions of making a Weight Watcher’s lemon pie, but don’t think it will be happening this week.

Veggie burgers (for Robin--Bruce had dinner out)
Steamed red chard

Leftover lamb (from Bruce’s dinner out)
Steamed broccolini

Baked chicken with green garlic and tomatoes
Simply baked turnips with greens

Out all day

Leftover green garlic chicken
Steamed artichokes with lemon sauce

Potato leek soup
Leftover green garlic chicken

Fish (poached in tomato juice from winter share?)
Leftover veggies

Veggie burgers
Next week’s veggies

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