Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 1 Menu Plan

Featuring young golden beets, assorted greens, fennel & radishes

Young Golden Beets with their Greens
During the work week time for elaborate cooking is limited, so my husband and I stick to simple fare. I don’t work outside my home on Fridays, but Bruce often works late, so that’s a good day to cook solo. Wednesdays are always rushed because we pick up our veggies, eat, and I have a band practice. For maximum success in planning weekly menus, analyze your family’s busy and not-so-busy times and schedule cooking accordingly.

I try to use up delicate veggies and anything that is large and takes up refrigerator real estate first. We are having salad on days that my husband thinks he might not like the recipes we’re using. ;-) I found the kind of lemon bread recipe I was looking for in “Cooking by Moonlight,” but might not have time for it this week.

Here is our dinner plan:

  • Pork chops coated with (prepared) mustard & broiled
  • Steamed chard (large)
  • Steamed broccolini (delicate)
  • Leftover pork chops
  • Leftover chard & broccolini
  • Boiled yellow beets with steamed young beet greens (greens delicate)
  • Sauteed radishes with their greens (Live Earth Farm)
  • Kale “Hot Salad” (inspired by Live Earth Farm recipe)
  • Lunch: Leftover chicken
  • Dinner: Salmon with lemon sauce
  • (Lunch: leftovers)
  • Leftover salmon
  • Sicilian sautéed radicchio & onions (inspired by Weight Watchers recipe)
  • Salad
  • (Lunch: leftovers)
  • Leftovers
  • Veggie burgers
  • Next week’s veggies

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