Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Ultimate Lemon Drop

Recipe by Bruce

My husband Bruce invented this recipe during an impromptu birthday party for me at a house with a Meyers lemon tree full of lemons. He experimented throughout the night with our drop-in guests, perfecting his recipe to the ideal mixture. Lightweights that we are (in the drinking department, at least), half of the vodka is still left over from the party in 2003. We are prepared, though, should someone who has gleaned from a lemon tree happen by…

Bruce’s Lemon Drops
serves 2

2 jiggers lemon vodka
2 jiggers fresh Meyer’s lemon juice
2 Tbsp simple sugar syrup*
Handful of ice
Cut lemons for glass rims
Sugar for glass rims
Lemon wheels (thin cut slices) for garnish

Prepare glasses:
Take a small plate and add a small layer of fine sugar. Rub glass rims with lemon, then dip rims in plate so sugar adheres.

Mix drink:
Add vodka, lemon juice, simple sugar syrup, and ice to cocktail shaker. Shake a minute or so until frosty cold. Pour into glasses.

Add lemon wheel to glass rim

Add ¼ oz Cointreau, and reduce simple sugar syrup to ½ tsp

*Simple sugar syrup is available in stores, but easy and cheap to make yourself.  Bring 1 part water to boil, add 2 parts sugar, stirring constantly.  Once sugar is dissolved, remove from heat immediately. Pour into heatproof storage dish and allow to thicken and cool. You can store this in the refrigerator.  I’m not sure of its shelf life, but have read that adding a little vodka prolongs it. Bring to room temperature before using in drinks.

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