Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 2 Menu Plan

Delicious LEF Apples this week, to be eaten at anytime

Featuring Japanese baby turnips, artichokes, rainbow chard & more lemons

This week we will be out more than usual, so really need to plan in order to eat all of our veggies from the share. Especially since I just discovered that we got bok choy in addition to everything else. Thursday Bruce works late, Friday I’m playing music at a gig in the afternoon followed by a writer friend’s soiree/reading and late night potluck. Wednesday is the usual routine: pick up our veggies, eat, and band practice. So it looks like once again most of our cooking will happen near the weekend, particularly Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

This week I’ve vowed to make the lemon bread recipe that I found in “Cooking by Moonlight: A Witch's Guide to Culinary Magic” last week. I’m trying to make some for the soiree, and maybe also to take to the gig for my fellow musicians. I'd also like to try the Weight Watchers lemon pie, which uses up 5-6 lemons and looks scrumptious!

Veggie burgers
Steamed rainbow chard

Leftover salmon (a tiny bit)
Leftover chard
Veggie burger with homemade ketchup from Happy Girl Kitchens

Lunch: Asian sesame bok choy & veggie burger or taco
Dinner out, between gig and soiree
Lemon bread for dessert/snack/late night

Roast turkey
Steamed broccolini
Steamed artichokes with lemony sauce
Lemon pie (Weight Watchers)

Leftover artichokes if any
Honey-kissed turnips and greens (Live Earth Farm)
Lunch: Veggie burger
Dinner: Leftover turkey

(Lunch: leftovers)
Baked or poached salmon with lemon caper sauce
Sicilian sautéed radicchio & onions (inspired by Weight Watchers)
(Lunch: leftovers)
Kale “hot salad” inspired by Live Earth Farm
Leftover salmon

Veggie burgers
Next week’s veggies

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