Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 4 Menu Plan

Basket of Bright Red Strawberries
First Strawberries of the Season

Featuring green garlic, onions, mushrooms, and lettuce

Fortunately I used up all the onions from last week, because we got both yellow onions and red spring onions (a LARGE bunch) in our farm share this week. I didn’t do as well using the green garlic, so I’m going to try harder this week, since I know there’s more garlic where that came from. ;-) Scheduling must work around possibly being in San Francisco all day Sunday. So it looks like I’m cooking Friday and/or Saturday.

As usual, to conserve energy (consumption of fossil fuel, not my personal energy!) I’m doing all of my baking on one day, probably Saturday. Still having visions of making a Weight Watcher’s lemon pie…perhaps on bake day?

Will I get to make the Chicken with Black Beans and Chinese Dates I’ve been wanting to make—while the watercress still looks good? Stay tuned…

Veggie burgers as usual, with homemade catsup from winter share
Steamed red chard (as usual too)

Leftover chicken with green garlic & tomato (Bruce is having dinner out)
Leftover chard

Pasta a li olio (with onion & garlic) with Miracle Noodles

Rolled sole stuffed with mushrooms and onion
Simply baked turnip
Lemon pie

Out all day? Or leftovers

Leftover stuffed sole
Sweet & sour cabbage & carrots

Chicken with black beans, Chinese dates & watercress
Leftover cabbage & carrots

Veggie burgers
Next week’s veggies

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